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I've always been attracted by men. I remember my mum telling me that I was a bad girl, that I couldn't go to school with such clothes on... I love to feel their look on me and imagine what they got in mind...even if I know that they all think about the same thing!! But when things come to real action, every man is different and each night is a new experience! That's why I've decided to move to NYC in the coming months. It'll be a totally new world to me. Millions of men waiting for me!!


Hi boys! I come from Rio, the party capital of Brazil. Here we love to dance, play football and especially party! I am a professional Samba dancer. Here's it's a real tradition and a great way to meet nice men! They know I can really move my body!

Tall Goddess

Hi, this is Tall Goddess, the queen of dressing up! Blond, brunette, waitress, femme fatale of the 20s, etc.. I don't only perform in adult movies but also direct them... It's really fascinating and a lot of work! I had a very relaxing and entertaining day unveiling my body in front of the camera just for ou...


Some people think that we Aussies are too much interested in our figure, in our body. That's true that it is very important to us and that's why most of the girls over here are so gorgeous and why I've never heard a single guy complaining about Australian chicks. Besides, no matter what kind of girl is you favourite, there's at least one sexy babe waiting for you in this big and wild country.

Tanya Take2

Hy Guys! I'm very happy to come back for you! I've travelled all over the world since my first strip here and I learned A LOT of things... Over the years, one of my secrets to keep a slim & muscle body has been to demand hotels with pools & to jog in all the cities I had the chance to visit )


Hi everybody! I'm Tara from detroit, Michigan. When I was small I wanted to be a cop. But then I realised later on, that was better as a stripper! But I still dress up as a cop for my boyfriend Tommy from time to time, he likes it when I kick his ass!


Tashkent, my hometown, is so far from the rest of the world that living over there, surrounded by deserts and mountains, makes you sometime feel isolated. A few months ago, I decided to go round the world. It's such an enriching experience! I already have a full book of friends. To stay in touch with all my buddies, while on the road, I've decided to find a different way to say hello. That's why I became a VirtuaGirl.


When the war ended in my country a few years ago, I knew nothing about men. I had spent my teenage years hidden in the basement of the house with my three sisters. I had to make up for lost time and believe me I really did. All the guys around me were feeling just like me, hungry for love. And now , a few years later , I'm still as hungry as I used to be. Hopefully , with all those dudes from UNO around I've been round the world...


Hello, young and horny dragons. My name is Tays. I never really intended to be a virtual girl as I never could bear being watched naked. But VirtuaGirl is quite different. And I must admit that the idea of living my own life and being watched at by a thousand guys at the same time brought shivers to my spine...So I made the final step and got involved. The voyage of a young asian girl on your desktop's wonderlands and in your fantasy...


Dreaming of an absolute gem I'm still looking for my prince charming. But, I know exactly what he should be like. I want him to be handsome, delicate and strong. His eyes shall be full of desire, like shooting stars in the sky. In his arms, I want to feel safe. Of course, I want him to be a great lover and faithful. Waiting for him is a kind of sweet torture and I love it. May be you're the one!


In Corsica, a young beauty is a sacred thing, especially for her brothers. That's why it was so difficult for me to become what I am today. A professional stripper who loves to seduce and have fun with men. Now that everyone knows in my family, everything is much easier. They now know that it's a waste of time to try to change me. So enjoy the show and don't be afraid... my brothers won't come to you guys!


I love clothes! I could spend days and days shopping and try clothes in front of my mirror! I have the feeling that the better I feel in the clothes I wear, the more confident I am and the easier I attrack men eyes... If my clothes don't do it, my eyes will, by the way... enjoy my show!


A lot of people don't believe me when I say it, but I was actually a builder before I became a model. I met a lot of boyfriends on the work site but they were just jealous of me and always wanted to keep me at home in the bedroom! These days though I travel a lot all over the world shooting for different magazines and websites. I really hope you guys will enjoy my session here, I had a lot of fun, bye for now, Kisses,


Hey...I'm Thallia and I think you're sexually obsessed, watching me while I undress...but it's not a bad feeling anymore...My schoolmates were always trying to see what kind of underwear I was wearing and I was always getting angry at them.. but now it kind of amuse me...well. We all change someday, don't we ?


Hi, pretty studs. My name is Thamara and I really love that Virtuagirl Stuff. Being the core of your computer universe while you are working, is quite something; ever asked yourself what you would feel like ? Just imagine that you are lying naked into warm and sweet water, untouchable but watched by a thousand pair of eyes...exciting...


Hi boys, I hope you all like asian women because I'm hot straight out of the oven from Bangkok, Thailand. And believe me when I tell you, I love to bang-cock. Sex is such a huge part of our culture back home as I'm sure you know. Millions of guys come to Thailand looking for hot love every year. But Thai women are so much more interesting than that and so is our culture, the country is really beautiful and the people among the friendliest in the world.


Like most of women, I always thought I wasn't beautiful enough to become a model... My friends were repeating I should try and when one of them presented me this cameraman, I thought it was now or never ) ANd I'm very very proud of the result ! I hope you will love me & vote for me!


I've learnt so much since I arrived here in Bogota. I was such a shy person when I left my parents a couple of months ago! Then, after a few weeks here, I suddenly said to myself: 'You have to live, meet people, make friends and new experiences.' Then, I met Pablo and his friends who taught me nearly everything about love and pleasure! Now, I still look shy but that's my best weapon for my hunt...Think you're a good prey?

Tiffany N

Nice and gentle. That's how I like men. Though I have to say that my fantasies are totally different. I keep on dreaming the same thing. I'm alone in my house and suddenly, three guys come in and tell me to strip for them. I tell them: 'No problem guys, I'm a professional stripper'. When I'm naked they bring me to my room and ...well I don't think I have tell you what happens next. Want to come to my place with a bunch of buddies?


My men always told me I'm a femme fatale! I discovered very early I had a real aptitude to make men melt! Watch me move my body and slowly unveil my white & thin skin to get you hot! Download me!


Like any average person I love to play games. That's why I've decided to live in Vegas, the craziest place on earth. Here everything and everyone, starting with me, has something to do with games and money. In fact, for a table dancer like me, Vegas is the best place to be: lots of hotels, casinos...and hundreds of excited guys ready to spend a couple of bucks to watch me stripping right in front of them!